Read-Only Mode Memory Card

Ensure The Authenticity

of Stored Data

SD CARD Read Only Mode

Keeps The Data Unalterable

Keep your crucial data in a tamper-proof storage solution with Flexxon Read-Only Mode Memory Card.  It is highly effective to ensure the utmost data security in a memory device. Once you activate the Read-Only mode into the memory card, all the stored data enables access for reading only. None
can change, delete, or overwrite anything so you can preserve the authenticity of the essential files in the memory card.

micro sd card read only

Compact Data Storage Solution to Certify Reliability

The Features of Flexxon Read-Only Mode Memory Card

Read-Only Feature

The Read-Only mode prohibits to write data into the memory card and keeps it safe and sound.

Prohibit Alterations

Once the Read-Only Mode is on, the stored data cannot be edited, deleted, renamed, or formatted.

Safeguard Option

Enable or disable the Read-Only option. You can modify data when the mode is disabled.

High Speed

The high-speed sequential performance enhances reading and writing speed

Safeguard The Data Enabling Security Function

Validate the sensitive data remains safe and intact

Install the Software

You need to install a software tool to enable
or disable the Read-Only mode into the
memory card.

Enable the Read-Only Function

Enable the Read-Only Mode from the software
following the chart step by step.

Disable the Read-Only Function

To change the data, disable the Read-Only Mode
from the software first, make certain edits, and
enable to keep data security intact.

Top Specifications of The
Read-Only Mode microSD Memory Card

Interface SD 6.1
Flash Type MLC
File System FAT32
Capacity 4GB-256GB
Temperature Grade -25°C to 85°C
micro sd card read only

Make Sure The Essential Files of Your Organization Is Secured

Get Read-Only Mode Memory Card to store crucial organization records

Medical And Healthcare Facilities

Keep the sensitive patient reports maintaining
confidentiality and integrity.

Financial Institutes

Secure influential financial records and refrain
from a financial data breach.

Business Organizations

Keep important business documents in an
unalterable memory solution.

Cybersecurity Industry

Protect all the information in the electronic
system from threats of illegal activities.

Keep Data Integrity Intact with

Flexxon Read-Only Memory Card

To make sure your data remains free from tampering, utilize the benefits of Read-Only SD or MicroSD Card. It is the ultimate solution
that makes sure none can modify or delete once the data is saved. So, enable the read-only mode into the
Flexxon Read-Only Memory Card and maintain the authenticity of crucial data.

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