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Introducing Flexxon
Preserve The Essential Data
From Prohibited Alterations

Read-Only-Mode SSD Main Image
Read-Only-Mode Section One Image

The Read-Only mode is highly effective in a memory device to ensure data security. This function lets you have a tamper-proof data storage solution by making it unalterable and the crucial files remain safe.

Flexxon has taken a step ahead and adapted the functionality into the SSD. Once you activate the Read-Only mode into the SSD, all the stored data enables access for reading only. None can change, delete, or overwrite anything from the stored data. So, you can preserve the authenticity of the essential files into the SSD and prohibit it from the risk of alteration.

The Read-Only Mode SSD plays an important role in various applications where ensuring data authenticity is extremely important. For example, in medical and healthcare facilities, financial institutes, business organizations, the cybersecurity industry, etc. will be beneficial by utilizing Read-Only Mode SSD.

The Read-Only Mode SSD by Flexxon is implanted with a SATA III interface. It supports M.2 2280, 2.5”, and Half Slim form factor available in both commercial and industrial temperature.

Available in 64GB to 512GB of Memory Capacity

Read-Only-Mode SSD Section Two
WORM microSD multifuncitonal card read only
Read-Only Feature

When the Read-Only mode is turned ON, you can’t write data into the SSD anymore.

WORM microSD multifuncitonal card Prohibit alteration
Prohibit Alterations

In read-only mode, the stored data cannot be edited, deleted, renamed, or formatted.

WORM microSD multifuncitonal card enable & disable
Enable or Disable

You can enable or disable the Read-Only mode. The data can be modified when the mode is disabled.

WORM microSD multifuncitonal card high speed
High Speed

The SSD provides with a high sequential speed of reading and writing

Extraordinary Performance
with Better Usability

The Read-Only Mode SSD is highly efficient for using commercially and industries

Read-Only-Mode SSD Performance
Excellent Data Transfer Speed

  • Sequential read (max) 550 MB/s
  • Sequential write (max) 500 MB/s

WORM microSD multifuncitonal card temp
Fine Operational Temperature

  • Commercial Grade: 0~70C
  • Industrial Grade: -40~85C

Read-Only-Mode SSD Flowchart 3

The Read-Only Function

To run the function, you need to have a software tool. Install it to enable or disable the Read-Only mode into the SSD device.

Enable Read-Only Function

Use the software tool to enable the Read-Only Function.

Read-Only-Mode SSD Flow chart 2
Read-Only-Mode SSD Flowchart

Disable the Read-Only Function

Use the software tool to disable the Read-Only Function.

Store Crucial Data in Your

Get Read-Only Mode SSD into the application and get a secured data storage solution

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Keep the sensitive records of the patient reports retain confidentiality and integrity of treatment data

Read-Only-Mode Medical Image
Read-Only-Mode SSD Finance Image

Financial Institutes

Secure influential bank and other financial information from the risk of a financial data breach or malicious attacks

Business Organizations

Forbid fraudulent activities by keeping important business documents in an unalterable memory solution

Read-Only-Mode SSD Business Image
Flexxon SEC I USB Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Industry

Protect the saved information in the electronic system from threats of illegal activities enabling Read-Only function.

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