The rate of increasing cyber-attacks is quite alarming. Since remote work has become more prevalent by the effect of a global pandemic from the last year. The hackers used this crisis as an opportunity. Even the hacking techniques have been distorted in 2021. Attackers are more likely to use fileless malware. The high-profile ransom attacks in critical infrastructure, private firms, and municipalities are in the headlines daily. Poor cybersecurity implementation makes the system vulnerable to these attacks with an increased ratio:

  • According to a survey result, among 6000 companies, 43% were attacked in 2020
  • 38% and one in six of those attacks was a ransom attack in this past 12 months
  • The significance of ransomware attack has been increased by 150%
  • Attacks on the webpage have been doubled this month compared to the previous.
  • The average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million in 2020, increasing by 300% in 2021.

cybersecurity losses

The colossal businesses are at the top of the list of cyber-attack affected. The hackers are using an ultimatum with a “pay up or else” while contacting the companies demanding their extortion to keep the data private. The following are the biggest casualties in the first half of 2021:

  • The attack in the Colonial Pipeline stole nearly 100GB of data and paid $5 million
  • Ransomware attack in tech giant Acer hits by $50 million loss
  • CNA Insurance has negotiated around $40 million to pay the hackers
  • Hackers asked for $20 million for a major attack in Ireland’s public health care service
  • Data of 425,000 people in Waikato district health board (DHB) has been breached

Vulnerabilities Caused of Cyber Threats

The hackers invade the system, breaches the network, and gets access to the device by:

  • Malicious software installation,
  • Opening fake links or attachments through a phishing email,
  • Downloading virus-infected attachments,
  • Inserting malicious codes into the programming language, and so on.

Intrinsic Cyber Protection

The available cybersecurity solutions ensure protection from the software level but the current threats can go beyond that. It constantly generates multiple malicious and unregistered microcode to bypass the software defense to hack the system. Only firmware-level protection with AI security can identify the unusual activities and mobilize the protection feature right on time. Hereby, Flexxon introduced the X-PHY® Embedded AI Cyber Secure SSD to revolutionize the cybersecurity standard and ensure data protection against cyber-attacks.

The X-PHY® AI Embedded Cyber Secure SSD

Flexxon introduced the world’s first standalone AI embedded firmware-controlled cybersecurity in the X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD at the NAND storage level. The AI detects any unusual behavior in the device and locks itself to keep the data safe. To get the data access, the user will require user authentication by the authorized owner.

The SSD comprises the built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine that monitors and shields the stored data in real-time to break the threats dead in its tracks.

The X-PHY® Embedded AI Cyber Secure SSD is programmed with advanced AI algorithms. It enables continual vigilance because the X-PHY® never trusts anyone and keeps the data safe at the source. It is also attributed to the high-functioning threat detection feature into the firmware level and hardware sensors to detect anomalies from data access patterns.

X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD

Cybersecurity From the Core

Modern threats can flow from the cloud networks and to the machine level and launch an attack aiming at the OS and endpoint devices. Software protection cannot identify the newly modified threats and the confidential data remains at a stake. Therefore, firmware-level protection is the key to ensure cybersecurity from the core.

The CSA Award-Winning X-PHY® Embedded AI Cyber Secure SSD acts as the last line of defense with the closest proximity and fastest reaction time and maintains security from:

  • AI in Low-Level Programming: Fastest reaction speed and efficient hardware memory consumption.
  • Real-time Security Monitoring: Real-time threat surveillance safeguards in the firmware to monitor all incoming and outgoing data streams.
  • Hardware Sensors: Embedded hardware sensors prevent physical attacks.
  • Firmware Digital Signature: Authenticity is verified by the digital signature in the firmware.

Features of the X-PHY® Cybersecurity 

X-PHY® Embedded AI Cyber Secure SSD patches the security loopholes to eliminate the slightest chance of cyber-attacks enabling the following:

  • XPHY Factor Encryption™: Confirm security key protection and firmware attack protection with dynamic authentication to keep your information safe and secure.
  • XPHY Stream Protection™: Customize security setting enabling the tool to monitor the signal communication security with added layers of physical protection for inter-module data communication encryption.
  • XPHY Site Secure™: Safeguard crucial data by constant power and temperature monitoring to certify protection against physical attacks.
  • XPHY Forensic™: Keep data security and integrity intact by implementing audit trials that let you know if anybody else has access.
  • XPHY Guard™: Ensure data protection and keep the sensitive files safe from the attempts of data hacking through viruses, malware, and ransomware.


Get instant cybersecurity from the core with easy deployment and usability:

Flash 3D NAND
PCIe Interface Compliant with NVMe 1.3

Compatible with PCIe I/II/III x4 interface

Temperature Range Operation: 0°C ~ 70°C

Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C

Capacity 256GB ~ 1TB

Emphasize the AI-embedded cybersecurity and validate your device and essential data safe and protected. Hackers are becoming smarter and powerful to launch an attack any time, from anywhere. If the protection system is weak, it will easily accumulate device access and data. Hence, the X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD is the last line of defense to detect anomalies and take instant action to protect the data.

Save your valuable data and protect your device with X-PHY® Embedded AI Cyber Secure SSD. Pre-order is open. Book yours now!


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