Rugged SD cards: For more than the past 30 years, memory cards have become an essential form of storage solution for data transfer and storing. Modern devices have been built with certain features to match the standards of SD (Secure Digital) card standards. It is a widely used form of flash memory in consumer, and industrial devices due to its efficiency and compactness. To make it more sturdy, rugged SD cards are used for high-density applications.

Rugged SD cards are mostly used in the industrial sector to work in extreme conditions related to temperature fluctuation, shock, and vibration. It needs to survive harsh environments and high humidity. To pass through these extreme operating conditions, technology has evolved at a faster pace than rugged SD cards can be resistant to certain situations.  It offers high reliability by simple integration that makes application and data transfer easier in industrial applications.

Use of rugged SD cards

Rugged SD cards entail better usability. Such as:

  • The interface of the SD cards is designed to make them usable through the Secure Digital interface. It needs to maintain strict standards implemented by Secure Digital Association for the design so you can rely on the basic design standard across the board. This helps in ensuring compatibility with different devices.
  • It is also beneficial for low power consumption and compact size so it becomes useful in need of a strong and reliable memory device that takes limited space.
  • Rugged SD cards featured with SLC (Single-level cell) flash memory devices are highly useful for uninterrupted read and write operation that can tolerate extreme opera temperature ranging from -40C to 85C, vibration, and shock. SLC flash memory also offers the highest operating speed and endurance.
  • Industrial SD cards are featured with controlled BOM (Bill of Materials) with extreme ruggedness. It will not require any change of critical components of SD card undertakes without product number change and advanced notice. This also prevents unexpected failures under any circumstance.
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Flexxon industrial SD card is a ruggedized memory device

To ensure reliability and endurance, the Flexxon Industrial SD card is the perfect solution. Flexxon Secure Digital Card has undergone intense testing in various environments to conform withstanding the most rugged and unforgiving environments. It also adapts the specifications of the SD Associations microSD.

Flexxon rugged SD card can perform exceptionally through hazardous environments and remains usable without experiencing any form of data loss. It is improved for better competency and compatibility with hand-held applications in Industrial, Medical, Automotive (IMA) markets.

The key focus of Flexxon is to provide a full-proof solution to the IMA market so that they can support the longest life cycle with Fixed-BOM solutions to worldwide customers. Moreover, Flexxon is the only manufacturer currently supporting products like SD or microSD MLC in low capacity (1GB & 2GB) that have been obsoleted by other manufacturers.

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