Secured AES USB

Put Passwords and Making Sure Important Files are Not Exposed

Control The Authority of The Essential Data

The Flexxon FxLocker Secure AES USB drive is the best-encrypted flash drive to eradicate the threat of losing the confidentiality of crucial information. This encrypted flash drive enables password protection to facilitate robust security. Without the correct passcode, none can have the access to the stored data. It is highly compatible to use in versatile applications and keep the privacy intact for both personal and professional data.

Available in 16GB to 64GB


Interface Super speed USB 3.1 GEN 1 supports superior security functions.


Advanced technology installed removable flash drive ensures a higher level of data protection.

Ease to Use

Plug and play device and does not require any software installation.

Authorize Access

Designated storage capacity is password protected provides the best security solution.

Medical Application

Store the vital patient treatment details and doctor-patient advice into the secure USB device to enhance the integrity of the stored data.

Business and Finance

Store the vital patient treatment Ensure the highest level of security can by using this encrypted flash drive to prohibit fraudulent activities in business and financial documents.

Law Enforcement

Sensitive and confidential records of the law enforcement agencies can remain password protected by utilizing the benefit of the secure USB drive.

Legal Firms

Protect the sensitive information of the case files like evidence, videos, legal statements, postmortem reports, etc. with passwords by this encrypted storage device.

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