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Range of NAND Flash Storage Devices to Ensure
The Highest Level of Data Security

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Flexxon is very well-known to design, manufacture, and market reliable NAND Flash Storage Solutions. Our key emphasis
is to fortify productivity ensuring the highest level of data security. Under our security solutions, we offer a wide range
of security memory devices so that you can store your crucial data by the assurance of utmost protection.

Breach of data is a common problem across the world. This hampers not just your business reputation, also causes a major loss. It is important to maintain data security by implementing the most advanced technology to minimize the risk of multiple threats.

High capacity and ultra-protection storage
devices for various applications

Data integrity
Ensure tamper-proof
data storage solution
Data Confidentiality
Maintain data privacy
controlling the access
Prohibit cyber-attacks with
firmware-based data security
An Award-Winning Cybersecurity Solution

X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD

The Last Line of cyber defense

The first-ever standalone embedded firmware controlled AI cybersecurity SSD at the NAND storage level to prohibit cyber threats and reduce dependency upon the vulnerable software.

Top-notch memory devices
with comprehensive security elements

WORM Memory Card

Superior security for crucial files


Unalterable and efficient storage

Read-Only SSD

Preserve the essential
data from prohibited alterations

Read-Only USB Device

Data storage by the
assurance of the utmost integrity

Read-Only Memory Card

Compact memory device
with extended data protection

X-MaskTM Solutions

The X-MaskTM memory solution makes sure your hard work remains safe and sound. Enable security tools, put on the password, and keep the valuable data invisible from random people.

Password Protection

The password-protected removable flash drive supports high-level security functions for elevated data protection.


The AI Autonomous Cybersecurity ensures the highest level of data security supporting the firmware-based AI structure with dynamic threat intelligence embedded directly into the IoT appliances.

AI Autonomous Cybersecurity

Enhance cybersecurity with superior firmware-based AI solution

SeriesWORMX-MASKAES SecurityRead-Only Mode (ROM)
WORM USBWORM CardX-Mask USBX-Mask CardFxLocker AES Secure USB DriveAES Memory CardRead-Only Mode USBRead-Only Mode Memory CardRead-Only Mode SSDSEC I USB Drive
Main FeatureWrite Once Read ManyInvisible DataEnable password authentication and ensure data protectionSupport Write ProtectRead Only Mode
Highlight Data That is Written Can't be EditedOnly People with the Access Can See the DataControl The Authority of The Essential DataRead-only data. Flexxon tool required for write accessKeep your crucial data write protected in CD mode
Security Level Data IntegrityData ConfidentiallyData ConfidentiallyData Integrity
Security Type HighestHigherHigherHigh
Form FactorSD/ microSDUSBSD/ microSDUSBUSBSD/ microSDUSBSD/ microSD2.5”, M.2 2280, mSATA, Half SlimUSB
InterfaceSD 6.1USB 2.0SD 3.0USB 2.0USB 3.1 Gen 1NAUSB 2.0SD 3.0SATA IIIUSB 3.1 GEN 1
MLC4GB ~ 256GB8GB ~ 32GB4GB ~ 256GB8GB ~ 32GB-NA8GB~32GB4GB ~ 256GB-8GB~64GB
pSLC--4GB ~ 128GB--NA-4GB ~ 128GB--
3D TLC----16GB ~ 64GBNA--64GB ~ 1TB8GB ~ 64GB
Read80 MB/s33MB/s95 MB/s27MB/s160MB/sNA27MB/s95 MB/s550 MB/s220 MB/s
Write70 MB/s12 MB/s80 MB/s20 MB/s120MB/sNA20 MB/s80 MB/s500 MB/s100 MB/s
GradeIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialCommercialNAIndustrialIndustrialIndustrial / CommercialIndustrial / Commercial

Ensure maximum data protection against external cyber-attacks or insider threats with Flexxon security solutions. The advanced NAND flash technology enhances wide compatibility, high reliability, and excellent performance for multiple application devices including Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive. Take the advantage of advanced technology to prevent adverse plights with the range of Flexxon Security Memory Solutions.

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