Xsign USB Drive

Empower Security
with Digital Signatures

Digital Signature

User identity certification authentication

Access Control

Can be used as the key to enable and control specific functions such as the license key for a specific software, the authorized key to control the home appliances etc

Dual Layer Encrypted Key

Key is encrypted by data scrambling and hash algorithms in reserved concealed area

Easy to Implement

Provide tool and SDK for easy implementation

Flexxon’s Xsign USB Drive

Fortify IoT: Embrace Digital Signatures for
Paramount Safety

Experience apex performance and exceptional security with the Flexxon Xsign USB drive. Offering excellent reliability, wide compatibility, and sublime speed, ensuring the utmost efficiency. The advanced Digital Signature mechanism guarantees authentic identity and access protection, securing confidential information, security data, and control systems. Embrace a secure IoT environment with Flexxon Xsign.

How it works

Xsign USB can be a digital signature to provide the user's identity certification and access authority authentication.

The specified Key will be encrypted and scrambled stored in the reserved hidden area in the USB Drive.

Key Manager can manage the key string through customized AP customers can set KEY and do password check for the access authority.

Digital Signature for
license software

In order to ensure secure identification and authentication, a digital signature is used alongside a licensed key. This combination provides a robust and reliable way to verify the authenticity and integrity of the key, ensuring that only authorized and trusted entities can access and utilize specific IoT functionalities.

control system

Through the application processor at the edge of the Internet of Things, the Xsign Key string stored in the USB Drive can be identified and get access authorization in the security key management system.

Authentication Process

Secure Medical Ultrasonic Sensors
with Digital Signatures

The medical ultrasonic scanner features a built-in USB port to transfer scanned pictures and images via an USB Drive.

The Xsign Key provides a license key for the analysis software in the medical ultrasonic scanner. The software verifies the USB Drive’s license key using the Security USB Key function, counting usage for fee charging.

The Xsign function enables usage fee charging based on times used. USB Drive’s user data area with the Xsign key function allows the transfer of scanned pictures and images from the medical ultrasound scanner.

Harness the Power of Xsign USB to Empower
Function Control System

Act as a Key to access the specified function. The host has restricted the access on specified module. Xsign can be used as the key to enable and control specific functions such as the license key for a specific software, the authorized key to control the home appliances etc

of the Xsign USB Drive

Form Factor
USB 2.0 Type A
Flash Type
8GB ~ 32GB
Temperature Grade
-40°C ~ 85°C

Experience Incredible Performance with Flexxon's
New Xsign USB Drive

Experience superior performance, reliability, and compatibility with Flexxon’s Xsign USB drive. The highly secure Digital Signature mechanism ensures authenticated user identities and access authority, providing the utmost protection for confidential information, security data, and control systems within IoT networks.

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