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AES Security SD/microSD Cards

Cybercriminals are constantly on the look for loopholes in your data storage media to exploit. Many security features have been adopted to deal with cybercrimes. One of them is the use of AES-256 that contains proven features security level which is unbreakable. Flexxon’s AES Security SD/microSD is designed to prevent malicious attacks.

How does AES Security memory card Work?

Flexxon has come up with a way of including AES on their memory cards which automatically encrypt data before storage into the flash memory during a write operation. The same data is fetched from memory and decrypt during the read cycle before presented to the user. This method of having hardware-based encryption is much reliable and faster compared to storing the encryption and decryption program on the host device.

Flexxon’s memory cards use the AES technique, together with security modules, to protect sections of the flash storage from unauthorized access. The unprotected sections of memory card work normally as the ordinary SD cards. The protected partition, on the other hand, prevent brute force attack, physical attack and side-channel attack.

Features of AES Security memory cards

The main features of our AES security memory cards include:

Multiple Security

AES, TRNG, Authentication

Multiple Partitions

Encryption partition, public partition, read-only partition

ESD and EMI safe

Designed to exceed the current electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference limits.

Power loss protection

Entailed with high-end power loss and recovery that protects data loss and data corruption during an unexpected power blackout. The firmware and hardware detect the power loss and transfer the necessary user data to the NAND flash memory.

High Endurance

All the flash cells are equally tasked with data storage thereby increasing their efficiency and service life.

Works best in different temperature conditions

These AES secure memory cards are designed to perform under different industrial conditions. The memory cards can endure wide temperature ranges.

Applications of AES Security memory cards

Due to advanced security features, these AES memory cards have been useful in various sectors where the security of the stored data is paramount. These cards have diverse applications. Listed below are just some of the few areas where these AES Security memory cards are useful.

  • Cash registers in point of sale systems
  • Automotive application for infotainment and ADAS systems
  • Federal or Government applications where data security is key
  • Defense applications
  • Internet of things (IoT and IIoT) systems
  • Consumer applications for keeping confidential body-worn cameras information.
  • Hospital or Medical information

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