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Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD

Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD


The threat of cybercrime has always been a challenge over years and in recent years, it has reached an epic proportion. As projected, the cost of cybercrimes will hit about $6 trillion by 2021. It’s apparent that the current approaches which rely solely on prevention are insufficient to tackle the accelerated and dynamic growth in cybercrimes. Due to the lack of physical hardware protection and the flaws of the security solutions widely available in the market, many organizations are suffering from the onslaught of cybersecurity breaches.

Hence, the existing cybersecurity tools, including encryption, are only effective to a point. Unwanted elements eventually get in, or in the case of ‘insiders’ may already be in (i.e. Edward Snowden – NSA Classified Leak – 2013). Therefore, it is now time for the industry to rethink its approach to cybersecurity.


In today’s connected world, the frequency and ferocity of attacks are increasing and continue to pose a major risk to all companies and industries. Moreover, some of these cybersecurity challenges alert the criticality for advancement to defense against cybercrimes.

As the cybercrime evolves, most cases of data breaches often go undetected for months. According to Verizon, 87% of data breach victims take minutes to compromise and yet 68% of the breaches are only discovered months after a compromise.

Time is not on your side

Internet of Things benefit the society to enhance our everyday life using interconnected devices. However, these devices can introduce unseen vulnerabilities into the network infrastructure leaving any connected devices open to the attacks.

Leak path / Blind Spots

As security technology continues to tackle threats from outsiders, one of the most damaging and malicious threats might also originate from the inside. A trusted insider can increase the risk of a data breach via intentional and/or unintentional acts that can introduce vulnerabilities that disclose confidential/protected data. 

Insider threats

Organizations today are facing challenges in hiring qualified cybersecurity talents. The lack of cybersecurity specialists, along with the complexity of cybersecurity solutions leaves many companies at a high risk of cyber threats as critical alerts might not be seen or investigated by qualified professionals.

Skill sets and talented defenders


Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD

Partnership with a Revolutionary Solution

Despite the availability of a plethora of sophisticated networks and endpoints of cybersecurity solutions, data breaches continue to occur at an alarming rate.

With the lack of physical protection and flaws in the current security solutions in the market, these factors provided more opportunities for hackers to attack your data.

Flexxon steps up to these challenges and develops X-PHY® cybersecurity SSD solutions (Lite and Pro versions) to address these pending issues. In terms of proximity and containment with firmware integration embedded in the SSD controller to actively monitoring and defending your data from inside the data stream itself.

There is simply no better way to contain the threat and lock up the data entirely by placing security closest to the stream. Physical security is provided through an external monitoring platform seamlessly interfaced with the controller, allowing the Flexxon X-PHY® cybersecurity SSD the unique ability to protect your data whether it is at rest or in transit. Hence, no data goes in or out without the Flexxon X-PHY®’s explicit knowledge and consent.

  • Detects and stop threats in real-time

  • Learns and adapts user’s habits providing a solid defense against unknown future attacks

  • Complements and enhances all the existing cybersecurity systems

  • Acts as a last line of defense against a successful attack on your most treasured data

X-PHY® Ultra Cyber Secure SSD

The Industry’s First Cyber-Secure SSD

Flexxon developed the world-first cybersecurity SSD where security is placed within the firmware and it cofunctions with the hardware sensors to provide the total cybersecurity solution that defends your data-in-motion/at rest from the closest proximity inside the data stream.

Integrated with security into the hardware modules, this Ultra Cyber Secure SSD will be able to defend your data effectively and efficiently.

Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Secure SSD is the key component of a complete security scheme that defends data at all angles and not simply a replacement for software/agent-based solutions.


Flexxon designs manufacture and market Industrial NAND Flash Storage Solutions products, specifically serving CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) applications and customers worldwide. Our product ensures the highest level of reliability, endurance, and wide operating temperature ranges. We are 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customers.

With our profound knowledge in the NAND flash market, related technology, and in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements of our potential customers, Flexxon offers leading-edge Industrial NAND Flash-based storage products with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability.

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