Write Once Read Many (WORM) USB Drive for Data Storage and Integrity

Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology has become advanced over the past few decades. From traditional media like CDs and DVDs to SD cards, and now the WORM USB flash drive. The former WORM storage media could not keep up with the increasing rate of the data generated daily. Thus, the market is requiring more reliable, cost-efficient and higher capacity data storage media and technology.

Data storage problems

Data is the heart of all organizations and firms. Data loss or change can be disastrous to the normal operations of the companies especially when the data in question was vital.

The current data storage system used is prone to the following:

  • Data modification and deletion either accidentally or intentionally
  • Data loss due to unexpected power failure
  • Uncontrolled access to the stored data
  • Data degradation over time
  • Non-WORM compliance
  • Limited data storage capacity

Solution through WORM USB flash drive data storage

Many organizations and firms depend on data generated for continued operations. Any alteration or loss of these data can sabotage their operations. WORM USB flash drive can be ideal to use in various sectors such as financial, education, medical, IT and industries to salvage the situation.

WORM USB flash drives are useful in long-term storage of vital organizations’ data. The following are the advantages of using these drives:

WORM USB Drive to meet fiscal regulation standards

Different countries from across the globe have set rules that govern the storage of organization data for tax filing purposes. Many of these regulations require every firm bound by these rules to use WORM compliant storage devices where data once are written can only be read but can never be altered in any way possible. WORM USB flash drive ensures that you comply with these laws and avoid the hefty fines for non-compliance.

WORM USB Drive high capacity of up to 512GB

WORM USB flash drives are scalable. This implies you will have enough storage space for all your data at a relatively lower cost. Other storage solutions, such as the cloud-based storage system, are expensive for small businesses. Besides, data safety is also not guaranteed. As of now, Flexxon projects that WORM USB flash will be available in different capacities of up to 512GB.

WORM USB Drive for data integrity and reliability

Data once written on the drive can only be read, but not modified. Write operations permitted include directory creation and file write. Operations prohibited are the directory or file renaming, deletion, or modification. All these ensure high data integrity and reliability as the WORM USB Flash Drive can easily be read on a standard USB port from in any computer. Any attempt to modify or delete data, whether intentionally or accidentally, is not permitted.

The first WORM USB Flash drive in the market

Flexxon is a reputable company known for its technological advancement in offering NAND flash storage solutions. This company has plans underway to introduce the first-ever WORM USB flash drive to the market. The main aim of doing this is to provide a WORM compliant solution that different organizations and firms are badly waiting for. Do feel free to fill up your contact details in the form and we will get in contact with you soon.