By technological advancement, memory devices have been widespread. The more we become digital, the more portable memory devices we need. A memory card is the most advanced technology that holds several data in a small chip, smaller than an inch. This flash storage device utilizes strong methods of modern technological evolution to store videos, pictures, audio, documents, software files, and so on. It is faster, handy, cheaper, and store immense memory that can be used in every portable device like mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, laptops as well as in media players. The compact size makes it easier to record, store, and transmit information.

Industrial SD and MicroSD Card

Different types of Industrial memory cards are found in the market based on usage. Such as SD Card, MicroSD, SmartMedia Card, Sony Memory Stick, CF (CompactFlash), xD-Picture Card, SDHC Card, and MMC. Among all of these, the widely used memory card types are SD cards and MicroSD cards.

SD card

SD card is one of the most common ones, elaborated as Secure Digital Card. It has been designed to offer high-capacity memory in small sizes. There are more than 8000 different models are available from over 400 brands of electric gear that use SD technology. The standard measurement is 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm and weighs roughly 2 grams.

microsd card

In contrast, a MicroSD card is also known as a T-flash of TransFlash memory. This type of removable flash memory is less than half of the size of SD cards but can store a huge amount of information. After mobile phones and cameras, nowadays laptops also include the MicroSD card slot to make it more convenient to data transfer in computer.

How does a memory card work?

Compared to the other storage devices, memory cards are less complicated with extended speed performance makes them more viable for use in multiple devices. SD and MicroSD cards are EEPROM (Electronically Erasable programmable read-only memory) memory chips.

Inside the chip, it is engineered with a circuit system that works as the memory storage and processes data with high efficiency and a couple of transistors that maintains data path. To keep these transistors apart, it has oxide film that works as a floating gate controlling the pathway. The oxide separation sheet is also placed between the circuits to link and process the flow of the data through the circuits and makes data transfer effective.

Features of SD and MicroSD Cards

SD and MicroSD cards are widely used in various devices for various purposes and it is highly important to know about the features of the memory cards:

  • Enhanced storage space: A memory card is the extension of storage space for devices therefore capacity is the key. It can be from 2GB to 1TB till today. Though it looks tempting by its high-capacity endorsement it is always better to use moderately 16GB to 64GB memory capacity so that even if the card gets stolen, damage can be lower.
  • Better data transfer speed: It is always recommended for a storage device to have a higher transfer speed. The average data transfer speed can be 250MB/s but the actual speed needs to be measured according to the theoretical throughput for reading data from the card.
  • Non-volatile memory: SD and MicroSD cards are the non-volatile type memory device that can store data permanently on the card. Once you save data inside the card, it will not erase by shutting down, unless you delete yourself.
  • Easily accessible: SD and MicroSD cards are easily accessible on every device. For computers, it may require a card reader but the updated laptops and devices already come with SD or MicroSD card slots. In either case, it is a plug-and-play device.
  • Removable and portable: Due to its size and compactness, it is easily removable and portable with influential data. It does not require any software extension and you can travel with it anywhere.

Memory cards by Flexxon

Flexxon is a renowned brand for manufacturing, designing, and retailing NAND flash storage devices including memory cards. The memory cards have been designed with advanced features including Auto Read Refresh, Power Loss Protection, and Advanced Wear Leveling. The Auto Read Refresh function ensures maximum efficiency of reading operations by automatically moving data to a new block before a preset error level threshold is reached.

Watch the Flexxon Memory Card features:

The memory cards consist of High IOPS solutions to extend their usefulness to clients from around the world. It is powered by Flexxon’s firmware architecture design, high-performing optimization algorithm, and a unique manufacturing process, our solutions optimize random read performance and hit write performance targets.

Flexxon has a wide range of memory cards available to support different user-experience, such as:

The industrial memory cards are a reflection of reliability and endurance. To make it worthwhile, Flexxon undergoes intense testing in various environments to prove its compatibility and durability. It conforms to the SD Associations microSD specifications and remains at the top of the industry in terms of withstanding the most rugged and unforgiving environments. The industrial-grade SD cards of Flexxon perform exceptionally and ensures stability and performance in rugged environments without experiencing any form of data loss.

For an incredibly resourceful and reliable memory solution, Flexxon SD and microSD cards some of the best. So, get the Flexxon SD and MicroSD Card and keep your data safe.

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