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Category Comparison Mass Market Flexxon Solution
COMMERCIAL Business Model Mass Production Oriented with high demand Service and Solutions Oriented with strong technical support to all customers
Target Market Smart Phone, PC, Consumer Products Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, Automotive embedded application. Strong support for Industrial Grade Product
Minimum Ordering Quantity High MOQ No MOQ
PRODUCT Product Life Cycle Very short product life Long product life, can support up to 10 years.
B.O.M Non-Fixed B.O.M Controlled B.O.M (Fixed B.O.M) with Product Change Notification  support
Features Standard features Customized for performance and features based on customer requirements
Support Operating System (O/S) Windows based Embedded O/S
Capacity High capacity Low to medium capacity.
Support Market mainstream product only Legacy product available
  • Industrial Grade Selection in a combination of operating temperatures and technologies ( MLC, pSLC and SLC ) to achieve a balance of cost effectiveness and performance
  • Support for special non-standard capacities and solutions
  • Fixed BOM Solutions, no changes to the controller, firmware or NAND without the issuance of a Product Change Notification
  • Support High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) business
  • Flexxon manufacturing and Quality process is the backbone to our superior build quality and durability. Factory Process:
  • Implement Industrial design and Quality Control
  • Implement Industrial Manufacturing
  • PCBA design comply with IPC-600 CL2 / IPC-610 CL2
  • In house Hardware and Firmware design
  • PCN /DCN Procedure for Industrial Product