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Flexxon WORM SD & microSD Card
Superior Security For
the Crucial Files

It is essential to maintain the security of your important documents and files in every sector. To make sure all the crucial files in the application remain unchangeable, Flexxon has come out with X-PHY Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) flash memory storage.

WORM protects the important documents keeping safe and intact and ensures the highest level of integrity and data security. The risk of important documents from being deleted or modified has been eliminated by WORM. Thus, the authenticity and safety of data can easily be preserved.

The Flexxon’s X-PHY WORM has designed to meet with the proper security requirements for every user. The tamper-proof mechanism offers the utmost data integrity and reliability for anyone. Once the information is written into it, none can modify or remove it but can read the data as much as needed.

Enhanced 256GB of Extended WORM Memory

Flexxon WORM SD or microSD card fortifies your data security to keep it safe and intact. The highest level of integrity is assured by its on-chip encryption and decryption using chacha20 making it faster and more secure than AES256.


Flexxon WORM SD and microSD card is a complete solution to restore the security against the threats of
data altering or removing. It has opened a new door to facilitate a long-term protection
ensuring the highest level of integrity for the crucial files.

Replaces Old Media

WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM as those are slowly becoming obsolete in upgraded computers.

Unalterable Data

Stores and protects important
documents from being erased or

Illegal Action Notification

Prompts error notification
once any illegal activity is

Plug and Play

Easy to use Plug and Play
solution that does not require any software


Security Attribute

Activates to WORM Function Mode and Write Protection Mode by default when connects to the device.

Speedy Access

Facilitates sequential writing for multiple files to intensify the speed and make sure the files become irreversible.

Strength Assessment

Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the user monitors the health feature of the WORM card and measure its compatibility.


Extended Memory

Provides 4GB to maximum 256GB of
extended memory space

Easy to Start

Does not require software installation as it is set to WORM card mode by default

Persistent Security

Establishes uninterrupted security keeping illicit behaviors away

Easily Accessible

Replaces old media such as CD/DVD as those are slowly becoming obsolete


The compatibility feature of WORM card within the applications make things sorted by securing
all the data and its entity. The solo writing and multiple reading functionality
assures the authenticity of every information from the very beginning.

Corporate Environment

WORM forbids fraudulent activities by maintaining unalterable business information. It refrains the employees from indulging in any malicious activities. The financial information is protected from being exposed by the financial data breach, malicious attacks by insiders or hackers. The financial executives can utilize the parallel writing function to store multiple client information

Law Enforcement Agencies
and Legal Firms

The law enforcement agencies and the legal firms can have the benefits of tamper-proof surveillance footage by saving the records into the WORM card. This safeguards the confidential information and authenticates further court proceedings.

Healthcare Facility

WORM tracks and keeps the records of patient interactions with the physicians to retain the integrity of treatment data and minimizes the risk. The records are saved at once and become inevitable so that anyone can read the data but cannot modify it.


WORM ensures cybersecurity against the threats that can affect the stored information by a data breach by employees, IoT vulnerabilities, or MitM attacks.

Government Entities

WORM into the POS machines is useful because it provides a tamper-proof, tested & verified solution that meets Europe Fiscal Law to protect sales transaction data from being deleted or modified. It also safeguards sensitive military information from unauthorized access, alteration, and deletion.

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