Store The Wedding Photographs in Flexxon
and Make Sure The Files Are Safe And Sound

No matter how perfectly you shoot, if the photos are not properly stored and gone anyway, it will ruin your hard work and your clients’ special moments of the event. To make sure the photographs are protected, WORM is the appropriate, unalterable, and tamper-proof solution. Flexxon introduces WORM SD and microSD card as the non-erasable and non-rewritable memory device to keep the photographs safe and sound.

Storing and organizing the data is an important part of managing a wedding photography studio. After the events, all the photographs from the wedding must be stored in WORM as a backup. To minimize the risk related to data alteration or deletion, try Flexxon WORM SD or microSD card. This non-erasable and non-rewritable memory card ensures the pictures are safe for a long time. Once saved none can edit or remove anything but can see as many as required.

Digital security is imperative for every photographer to avoid the risks of alteration or deletion. The Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) lets your hard work to be protected from unwanted mishaps.

Flexxon understands the value of your creativity and the responsibility of capturing beautiful moments in a wedding event. If the photographs get deleted mistakenly or somehow altered in a bad way, it will ruin the sweet memories of the event and may cause you a bad reputation. Flexxon WORM memory card is the best to store the captured photos keep away unprecedented causalities. From this non-erasable and non-rewritable memory card, none can have the access to modify or erase anything.

Flexxon’s WORM microSD card is efficient to maintain data integrity. All the updated
features assure the photographers that the wedding photographs are stored in a
secured memory device. The features are:

Illegal Action Notification

Prompts error notification to
the photographer if someone
attempts for any illegal

Plug and Play

Easy to use Plug and Play solution that does not require any software installation so the photographers can use it in their digital camera or on any device.

Replaces CD/DVD

WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM because
these are slowly becoming
obsolete in upgraded

Unalterable Data

Stores and protects sensitive wedding
photographs and videos from being
edited or deleted by any sort of
unlawful activity.

The photographers often store their final work as a token to commemorate their experience for the years to come. Therefore, Flexxon WORM memory card pays attention to the safe archival of wedding photographs in one solution with the following benefits:

Integrated Security

Activates to WORM Function Mode and Write Protection Mode by default when connects to the device.

Speedy Access

Facilitates sequential writing for the photographer to store multiple files and make it irreversible.

Monitoring Tool

Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the photographers can monitor the health feature of the WORM card and measure its compatibility.

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