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Significance of Premium Data Storage in Mortgage

A mortgage is an agreement between a borrower and a broker obtained to borrow cash in terms of an asset or a property from banks or mortgage firms. The process is associated with lots of paperwork and engages important documents that need to be secured. To store these key documents and ensure the utmost security, the memory card is considered to be the most valuable and convenient option nowadays.

The WORM card is an ideal storage solution for crucial data. It is a non-erasable and non-rewritable memory solution that prevents unauthorized access to the files. Therefore, the stored documents remain safe and protected. The Flexxon X-PHY WORM Memory Card is the superior one in the market to make sure the safekeeping of the mortgage records and repayment procedures.

Data Associated to Mortgage Loan

The brokers assist the mortgage loan authorization process to pass on the qualified right of ownership. A valid mortgage agreement must include loan size, rates, costs, fees,
and repayment time. The highest level of data integrity and reliability needs to be assured.

The mortgage firms endeavor to establish document management systems to create a consistent data set. Improvising a mortgage loan document management is important
to ensure the utmost data security. If any of the data becomes tempered or deleted, then the entire process will become invalid. Being a non-erasable and non-rewritable solution, WORM memory card  is highly effective to keep in check and make sure the crucial data associated with mortgage loans remain safe and protected.

The Law SEC 17a-4(f) Imposes WORM Functionality for Mortgage Document Management

For a mortgage firm, keeping all of these documents safe and risk-free is extremely important. The rule SEC 17a-4 has been imposed to preserve the broker-dealer record in a non-erasable and non-rewritable storage device for a certain time. WORM functionality closely ties the requirement as certified in paragraph (f). It is easily accessible for the users and mortgage firms to adhere to this regulation. The integrated WORM course of action complies with the law SEC 17a-4(f) to provide accountability. This helps to exhilarate the further auditing procedure for the information in a reverse mortgage.

Importance of Flexxon WORM in
Mortgage Firms

Most of the mortgage firms linger in uncertainty regarding the data integrity issues that can easily be mitigated by utilizing the WORM benefits. It is a tamper-proof, non-erasable and non-rewritable flash storage solution that keeps all the crucial data safe and intact. WORM is elaborated as Write-Once-Read-Many and it works the same. Once a file is stored, the data cannot be modified or deleted, but anybody can read it as many as required. While instigated in a mortgage firm, it will ensure the safekeeping for all the mortgage data and settlement policy.

Flexxon is a renowned name for the NAND flash storage market; now introducing the WORM memory card solution ensuring the highest level of data security in mortgage firms. A mortgage firm needs to keep the data according to the portfolio allocation in a decision framework. The specified framework allocation within the Flexxon WORM memory card can reduce the risk of data alteration. It ensures superior data security for the essential documents from the potential harms and hazards.

Key Features of Flexxon WORM Memory Card

Flexxon’s WORM SD and MicroSD card are incredibly resourceful in preserving data integrity.
The updated features are beneficial for the Mortgage brokers to keep the stored necessary documents
safe from alteration or modification. The key features include:

System Accessibility

Allows prompt notification to the brokers by installing the downloadable app for android or Windows driver for Windows users

Integrated Security

Triggers to WORM Function Mode when connects to the device and activates Write Protection Mode by default.

Prompt Notification

Ensures integrity by constant check on data and gives a prompt error notification for the attempt to illegal activity.

Sequential Writing

Facilitates sequential writing for the brokers to store multiple files and make it irreversible.

S.M.A.R.T. Tool

Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the broker can monitor the health feature of the WORM card accordingly and measure its compatibility.

Enduring Reliability

Enhances the reliability and performance of the storage by;

  • Avoiding read-disturbance errors,
  • Reducing the chance of uncorrectable errors, and
  • Ensuring read-intensive data application.

Benefits of Flexxon WORM in Mortgage Firms

Flexxon WORM SD and MicroSD Card are non-erasable and non-rewritable memory solutions that enhance the security features of the crucial mortgage documents
of the clients. It works flawlessly to log all the relevant data, ensure security, and take immediate action whenever there is an emergency. The reliable, competent, and enduring
structure of the Flexxon WORM memory card pays attention to crucial documents in one solution with the following benefits:

Strong Data Protection

Stores and protects important documents
from being corrupted or detached by any
sort of unlawful activity.

Compliant to the Law

Complies with the regulatory law of
SEC 17a-4(f) imposed to preserve the
records in a non erasable and non-rewritable
memory device.

Ease of Use

Easy to use Plug and Play memory
solution with SD or MicroSD card slot and does not requireany software installation.

Replaces Old Media

WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM as
those are slowly becoming obsolete in
upgraded computers.

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