WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) USB Device

Efficient Memory Storage

Solution to Keep Data


Store The Data

Once And Make it Unalterable In
Write Once Read Many Usb Drive

Ensure the highest level of data security and keep your crucial files with the Flexxon WORM USB drive. This write-once-read-many USB
drive has been designed with advanced technology to maintain reliability and compatibility. Once the data has been stored,
none can edit or remove it from the WORM Pendrive but can read it whenever you want.


Make sure your crucial
files are [ INTACT ]

Enhance data protection with the key features of
Flexxon WORM USB Device

Maintain Data Integrity Keeping It
Non-Erasable And Non-Rewritable

The Write-Once-Read-Many USB is a scalable solution. It
eliminates the threats of crucial data deletion, modification,
and keeps data safe and intact ensuring the
highest level of integrity.

Compliant Storage Solution
Keeps Your Files Secured

Ensure data protection with the high capacity WORM
USB device. It is compatible with every application
and meets specific regulation standards to
enhance data reliability.

Ensure Protection for Essential Files And Intensify
Data Integrity with Flexxon WORM USB NAND Flash Disk USB Drive

Data is the essential element for every organization and data loss or change can be disastrous. Flexxon WORM USB flash drive is the ideal
solution to use in various sectors and to keep crucial data safe and intact. The WORM feature lets you write once and read as many as you want.
Store the important files into the Flexxon WORM USB device and make it unalterable as long as you need.

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