Eliminate the risk of having sensitive files deleted, modified, or overwritten while still granting read-only access to those who need it most with the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) SD/MicroSD card by Flexxon.

Designed to meet even the most stringent compliance requirements, Flexxon Write Once Read Many SD cards offer only the highest level of security to provide a tamper-proof way to ensure integrity protection.

Specifically built for applications where data reliability and safety are paramount, Flexxon Write Once Read Many SD and MicroSD cards allow data to be permanently saved and unaltered for read access only. They also provide the benefit of time and date authentication which facilitates quick search, retrieval of archived files, and can provide extra security protection for stored data.

After the one-time content programming is complete, all saved data on the WORM SD/WORM Micro SD card is rendered completely unalterable, non-rewritable, and non-erasable regardless of any accidental or intentional commands from the host, providing a tamper-proof form of media product storage that’s secure, compatible, and cost effective.

Corporate environments, law enforcement agencies, and numerous government entities are already utilizing WORM cards to protect their secure content as Flexxon Write Once Read Many SD Card provide an ideal solution for professional content distribution such as financial recordings, police investigations, court testimony, electronic voting and other applications where data files must be protected from alteration or deletion.

WORM Card Features

Default WORM Card Mode

Other Features

How It Works?

Flexxon WORM SD/MicroSD cards are designed to detect illegal behaviors performed by users and spring into counteractive action. If illegal behavior is detected, Flexxon WORM card will switch to a write-protect mode to secure the data in order to ensure its integrity at all times.
Once write-protect mode is enabled, the device must be restarted or the card must be ejected and re-inserted in order to write on the card again.


Financial Industry
Protect sensitive financial industry,
regulatory authority, and exchange
commission records


Surveillance Camera
Record surveillance, dashcam, event
footage from security cameras and


Police Photography
Archive genuine and tamper-free
police photography and audio
recordings “black box” flight-data recorders


Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
Track patient interactions with
physicians and other health-care professionals.


Electronic Voting
Ensure electronic voting records are
recorded and made tamper-proof


Court Proceedings
Secure legal files for trials and


Cash Register Data Logging
Record financial data from cash
registers for tax collection purposes


Medical Devices
Retain confidential patient treatment
data from medical devices

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