WORM (Write Once Read Many) Memory Card
Non-erasable & Non-rewritable solution

SD Card

SD Card

Assured Data Integrity

microSD Card

Reliable Data Solution


By Flexxon WORM, we provide you a non-erasable and non-rewritable flash storage
device. It ensures the highest level of data security reducing the risk of data manipulation.
It is a simple , portable, and practical solution to maintain reliability and fortify the integrity
of your critical data and information.
Get the WORM microSD Card + Multifunctional Card Holder and make sure that
all your crucial files are secured. This entire package is enough to have the
utmost data security in one compact solution.
The Flexxon WORM microSD Card + Multifunctional Card Holder is a complete data storage solution that provides you a tamper-proof, compact, and portable user-experience. The intelligent design and classy packaging makes it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Work with multiple connector

It comprises with multiple connector that works flawlessly with devices to log all the relevant data, ensure security, and take immediate action against the illegal activities. Designed by a team of experts, it is an incredibly resourceful and reliable memory solution.

Flexxon WORM memory cards are extremely important in preserving data and providing integrity.
The following features are highly beneficial to keep the documents safe:

Replaces Old Media

WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM as those are slowly becoming obsolete in upgraded computers.

Unalterable Data

Stores and protects important documents from being erased or modified.

Illegal Action Notification

Prompts error notification once any illegal activity is attempted.

Easy to use

Plug and Play memory solution that does not require any software installation.

Flexxon WORM memory card pays attention to store
crucial documents in one solution with the following benefits:
Security Attribute​

Activates to WORM Function Mode and
Write Protection Mode by default when
connects to the device.

Speedy Access​

Facilitates sequential writing for multiple files
to intensify the speed and make sure
the files become irreversible.

Strength Assessment​

Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the
user monitors the health feature of the WORM card and measure its compatibility.

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