Make the CCTV Records Invisible with
The X-MaskTM Memory Card
Put On Mask and Strengthen Protection​

The CCTV camera system enables and captures suspicious activities or a crime live. If someone commits a crime
they usually want to hide the evidence and most importantly the CCTV footage.
Therefore, they might try to steal and delete the footage.

To ensure protection against illegal activities, keeping the footage hidden is necessary. Flexxon X-MaskTM memory card is a perfect solution to prevent such activities. It is improvised with an advanced “Mask” function applicable for Windows and SDK tools to enable password authentication. The legal host with the security tool for the embedded applications makes the stored data invisible from random people. So, none can see or have the access to manipulate the records without the password authentication in the illegal host.

Utilize the Advanced Features of Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card in the CCTV system is to store crucial surveillance footage
and enhance the levels of protection in three layers to strengthen the security attribute. As long as the “Mask” is on,
the data cannot be stolen, tampered with, or deleted by random people.

Hidden Card

Hide crucial CCTV footage and keep the video's
password-protected to make it invisible from random
eyes. It increases the level of strength that even if someone tries, they cannot see the saved data without installing the security tool and correct password.

Security Tool

Enable access only for the legal computers or CCTV system by the optimization SDK/ Windows Tool. If the tool is not found in the legal host device, the card will be loaded
into the system but all the recorded files will
remain invisible.

Data Encryption

Protect the video records since data encryption is done using data scrambling and hash algorithms in the firmware level. The inline proprietary obfuscation tool protects the side-channel attacks and the potential hackers cannot crack the passcode for non-standardization.

To make the system worthwhile, Flexxon developed a security tool. This tool enables password authenticating access for Windows and SDK while plugging into the legal host device. Once installed, the user can set a password and Mask the recorded CCTV footage. Without the security tool and the passcode, the CCTV will become an illegal host and the records will remain hidden.

Ensure the safekeeping of the recorded data into the CCTV camera, with the X-MaskTM SD or microSD Card. It keeps the saved data hidden
from random people and without authentication, none can have access and the data remains safe and untouched. So, without
any delay, get the Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card and enhance the security attribute of the CCTV camera footage.

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