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The X-Mask
Memory Card

Launch the Mask to Ensure Data Privacy

The X-Mask Memory Cards

Compact Devices with Highest Security

SD Card

MicroSD Card

Decide Who You Want to Share
Your Valuable Work with!

Make sure your hard work is safe and sound. Put on the password and make your valuable data 
invisible from random people. Your creativity will remain hidden within the SD and MicroSD Card
 until you share it with others.

Excellent Performance,
High Reliability, and
Wide Compatibility

Available in 4GB to 256GB

Fortify Data Confidentiality & Forbid
Unauthorized Access

Flexxon X-Mask Memory Card gives you the privilege to put a password and prevent the data from unauthorized access. As long as you keep the “Mask” on,
your data cannot be stolen, tampered, or deleted by random people. Using the Windows Tool, you can prohibit
the illegal access by hiding your private data and authenticate the user access.

Store Any Data

Save the cherished documents, pictures, videos, and audio files in it and make it private.

Prioritize Partitions

Enable single or multiple partitions depending on your priority to enhance privacy.

*Note: For Linux and Android OS, Please Contact us for the SDK.

Activate Password

Make the valuable data invisible with the password and authenticate the user access.

Simply Authenticate Your Access

Flexxon X-Mask Memory Card enables an easy step-by-step method to ensure the utmost security solution for your crucial data.
Follow this authentication process for better understanding.

Get it started

Launch the Flexxon Security Card
tool, insert the card, and click in
“Detect Card”.

Create your keycode

Click on “Set Password” and create
your secret code to authorize
your valuable files.

Your device is ready!

Now unplug and reinsert to check the “Mask” function activation. To unmask, click on “Authentication”, and put the correct password.

Use X-Mask Memory Card Wherever You Need!

No more stress of storing crucial files because X-Mask gives you the benefit to make sure that all your creative works can remain
private and untouched. So, your ideas will remain safe and sound once you activate the “Mask” function.


Make sure your unique photography ideas are safe from deception into X-Mask and enable password verification.


Write your imagination, store the document files in the X-Mask and make it invisible so that none can steal your thoughts.


Conceal your remarkably designed blueprints in the X-Mask and keep it hidden from the competitors by prohibiting illegal viewing.


Store your newly composed audio files into X-Mask and maintain confidentiality before anyone steals you passion.

Make The Confidential Data Invisible from Public Eye

The Flexxon X-Mask memory card is also appropriate to use in industries

Medical Application

The X-Mask is highly effective to store the privacy of sensitive medical records. The high-official personnel wants to keep their reports private so that random people don’t have the access. The password protection facility of the X-Mask memory card is perfect to keep the data hidden. Only the authorized doctors and nurses are able to see the reports. To enable the access authentication requires plugging into the legal host device with an exe file for SDK and API to configure on Windows, Linux, and Android. Without the exe file and the saved passcode, the device will become an illegal host and will not be able to see anything. Once the file is installed, the user can set a password and Mask the confidential medical files.

Business and Financial Applications

The X-Mask ensures the security of influential business and financial information from being exposed. Certain industries produce immense data that cannot be shared with random people. It would be risky to share crucial information due to the threat of misuse that may harm the company’s reputation. To keep the information hidden, a Flexxon X-Mask memory card is appropriate. Without the tool and correct password, none can access protected data.

Legal Consultation

The X-Mask memory card is also helpful for preserving important documents related to the case files. All these files consist of crucial evidence, surveillance footage collected from law enforcers, legal statements, postmortem reports, etc. To keep it hidden from others is necessary to maintain the privacy of the clients that can be assured by the Flexxon X-Mask memory card. When none can see the crucial data, it remains safe from stealing or manipulating that leads to a fair judgment.

Law Enforcement Agencies

It is highly effective to use X-Mask in law enforcement agencies. Security cameras, such as; surveillance cameras, body cameras, interview recorders, etc. come to great help to identify criminals and criminal offenses. Keeping all these records in a password-protected memory device is the key to keep it protected from random people and will be easier to find the criminal. These records can also be presented at the court as evidence for true judgments.

Government and Military Entities

The X-Mask memory card adds value to store confidential government and military information hidden. Misuse of a certain confidential message or information can start a war or maybe worse than that. So, to keep it private, the Flexxon X-Mask memory card plays a vital role. Only authorized passwords and certain tool can give them access to the information.


To enable the access authentication you need to plug in the legal host device with an exe file. Without the exe file and the saved passcode, the device will become an illegal host and will not be able to see anything. Once installed, the user can set a password and Mask the confidential files.
The Flexxon Security Card tool is available in SDK and API. Get the configuration for:


Windows Installation guide
Get the installation guide and know how to install

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