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X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure SSD

The Last Line of Cyber Defence

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It is alarming how frequently the cyber-attacks are taking place which puts your valuable data at risk of being theft

Before it creates some severe damage, exploitation of a permanent solution is essential. For that, you need to identify the common market challenges you may face to protect your system.

Increase Cybersecurity
Efficiency in HDD or SSD

The increasing popularity of SSD over HDD can open up a gateway to cyber-attack. The host used to communicate directly with the HDD so the software level cyber defense was enough.  But for SSDs, the host data travels through the controller and firmware for the inbound and outbound data stream with no close communication between the software defenses and device firmware.  It opens loopholes for cyber-threats that can bypass the software defense and bury deep into the firmware itself. Right Corner

Modern Threats Needs to Have Stronger

Human negligence and human apathies are modern threats and the reason for the majority of cybersecurity breaches. Even the strongest cybersecurity software falls short to prevent human errors. Once the threat is in, it may take up to 6 months to detect. The affected device needs to be destroyed or replaced, there is no other effective solution exist. So, it is important to make sure the data is safe from the hardware and firmware level. Left Corner

No Compromise with
Physical -Threats

Ransomware, phishing, poor password practice, internal data theft, forgetting to update software patches, lost or stolen devices, etc. are the simple mistakes that can be the reason for cybersecurity breaches. Around 21% of data breaches occur due to lost or stolen devices and internal data theft. No security solution in the market offers physical protection that is important to reduce the rate. Right Corner

Levels of Cyber-Attacks

Cybersecurity is dependent upon software protection but modern cyber-attacks go beyond that like cloud-based networks. The threats will flow from the cloud network to the machine-level and target the OS, autonomous, and endpoint devices. Multiple malicious and unregistered microcode can easily bypass the software defense and hamper the SSD firmware with instant data effect. Once the threat is inside the device, the only solution is to destroy the device or to replace it. Left Corner

To solve these issues, use

The first-ever standalone embedded AI SecureTM firmware controlled AI cybersecurity SSD at the NAND storage level to prohibit cyber threats and reduce dependency upon the vulnerable software.

The X-Phy Cyber Secure SSD combines with the features that ensures
stronger protection and lets you switch to this advanced
technology because of the reasons:

Lack in Software Defense

Software defense does not provides
security that is not close enough to
the data and it also lacks physical
protection as well.

Lack in Random SSDs

Other SSDs come with hardware data
encryption, effective only when the data
is at rest. Also, some SSDs offer firmware
digital signature that is limited to
industrial applications.

With an embedded cybersecurity solution, the rate of attacks and the loss after damage can be reduced. The Flexxon Embedded AI SecureTM SSD is the best solution that comprises with advanced AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine that sets a whole new standard for AI Embedded cybersecurity storage facility. To protect the data, the X-Phy Cyber Secure SSD monitors the threats in real-time and stops that from dead in their tracks.

The X-Phy Cyber Secure SSD is a new innovation that addresses the features that
are missing from software security and SSD. Therefore, X-PHY compliments
the software defense to provide a wholesome security.

AI in Low-Level Programming: Enhances AI security that is extremely efficient in terms of reaction speed and hardware memory consumption.

Real-time Security Monitoring: Places security in the firmware to monitor all incoming and outgoing data streams to ensure real-time threat surveillance.

Hardware Sensors: Embeds with hardware sensors to prevent any physical attack.

Firmware Digital Signature: Enables digital signature in the firmware to verify the authenticity and integrity of the stored data.

Implement continual vigilance with the X-Phy AI Cyber Secure
SSD that doesn’t trust anyone and never compromises any threat.

X-Guard Threat Lock

Data protection from malware, ransomware, virus,

X-Stream Protection

Signal communication security Inter-module data communication encryption

X-File Forensic Agent

Audit trails in data
security ensuring the


Protection from physical

X-Factor Encryption Lock

Security key protection, firmware attack protection

The causes of a data breach can be minimized by the
utilization of the X-Phy Cyber Secure SSD

  • Hardware attackHardware attack
  • Power glitchPower glitch
  • VirusesViruses
  • System attackSystem attack
  • RansomwareRansomware
  • MalwareMalware

Consequences of Multiple
Cyber Attacks

The data in your device needs to be protected from the large array of cyber-attacks even physical attacks. The attacks can take place at any level even in the hardware to harm confidential data. 77% of the organization don’t have a proper cybersecurity incident response plan. Certain threats can cause severe damage and often costs millions and billions of dollars to recover the left-outs.

The X-Phy AI Cyber Secure SSD complies with Continual Vigilance that Trusts No One and makes sure your data remain secured from certain cyber-threats.

Eliminates the chances of cyber-attacks

The X-Phy AI Cyber Secure SSD stimulates continual vigilance for cyber threats. The high-functioning threat detection features have been embedded into the firmware that functions with the hardware sensors to detect anomalies in data access patterns without compromising any unusual signs.
How efficiently The X-Phy Al Cyber Secure SSD can
help to protect your device and the data inside!

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