The threat of cybercrime has always been a challenge over the years and in the recent years, it has reached an epic proportion. As projected, the cost of cybercrimes will hit about $6 trillion by 2021.


The threat of cybercrime has always been a challenge over the years and in the recent years, it has reached an epic proportion. As projected, the cost of cybercrimes will hit about $6 trillion by 2021. It’s apparent that the current approaches which rely solely on prevention are insufficient to tackle the accelerated and dynamic growth in cybercrimes. Due to the lack in physical hardware protection and the flaws of the security solutions widely available in the market, many organizations are suffering from the onslaught of cybersecurity breaches.
Hence, the existing cyber security tools, including encryption, are only effective to a point. Unwanted elements eventually get in, or in the case of ‘insiders’ may already be in (i.e. Edward Snowden – NSA Classified Leak – 2013). Therefore, it is now time for the industry to rethink its approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Today

In today’s connected world, the frequency and ferocity of attacks are increasing and continue to pose a major risk to all companies and industries. Moreover, some of these cybersecurity challenges alert the criticality for advancement in order to defense against cybercrimes.

As the cybercrime evolves, most cases of data breaches often go undetected for months. According to Verizon, 87% of data breach victims take minutes to compromise and yet 68% of the breaches are only discovered months after a compromise.

Time is not on your side

Internet of Things benefit the society with the purpose of enhancing our everyday life using the interconnected devices. However, these devices can introduce unseen vulnerabilities into the network infrastructure leaving any connected devices open to the attacks.

Leak path / Blind Spots

As security technology continues to tackle threats from outsiders, one of the most damaging and malicious threats might also originate from the inside. A trusted insider has the ability to increase the risk of a data breach via intentional and/or unintentional acts that can introduce vulnerabilities that disclose confidential / protected data.

Insider threats

Organizations today are facing challenges in hiring qualified cybersecurity talents. The lack of cybersecurity specialists, along with the complexity of cybersecurity solutions leave many companies at a high risk of cyber threats as critical alerts might not be seen or investigated by the qualified professionals.

Skill sets and talented defenders

Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD

Partnership With a Revolutionary Solution

In light of the prevalence in cybercrimes, there is an imperative start to think differently about cybersecurity protections and detections. X-PHY® SSD adds a layer of firmware-based protection that is implemented as close to your data as possible.  When paired with the Endpoints™ agent, X-PHY® SSD provides instant, low-level data security out of the box, and actively defends that data with minimal user interaction or disruption.

Existing endpoint security solutions only detect anomalies when files are in a pre-execution state. Drive encryption is only effective when data is at rest. By contrast, our solution protects data at rest and in-motion and is effective against malware, ransomware, insider threats, file-less malware, and network intrusions. relies on firmware-based command logging and other real-time sensors to model user behavior and detect hacking activity in real time.  If the threat level is elevated, firmware-based sector range locking protects important files and folders with 2 factor authentication.

X-PHY® SSD acts as a last line of defense against a successful attack on your most treasured data.

  • Series

    • Detects and stop threats in real-time
    • Learns and adapts to the user’s habits providing a solid defense against unknown future attacks
  • Complements and enhances any and all existing cybersecurity systems

A software/firmware based artificial intelligence engine continually safeguarding and actively defending YOUR DATA with these advanced Cybersecurity features

Customize Firmware 

Hardware Protection

X-PHY® Ultra Secure Cyber SSD


The Flexxon X-PHY® Ultra Secure Cyber SSD offers a full featured cyber security stack embedded in the firmware, enabled by customized hardware features and paired with an Artificial Intelligence Engine to provide an unparalleled level of endpoint data protection that traditional software-based cybersecurity solutions do not address.

The Flexxon X-PHY® Ultra Secure Cyber SSD is a revolutionary, purpose built, cyber-enabled SSD that will change how government agencies, corporations and end users protect their data. Ideal for customers that need the ultimate in low level data protection.

The Flexxon X-PHY® Ultra Secure Cyber SSD has the following features:


  • Active Lock – 2 factor file / data authentication
  • Ignition Switch – Stop Unauthorized system startup
  • Spotlight – Real time access logging & notification
  • Stopwatch – Access outside of defined time window
  • Sweeper – Automated old / sensitive data removal
  • Lockdown – Exact copy / write protected
  • Silent Alarm – Gesture based defense measures
  • Epoxy – Unauthorized Drive Removal
  • Lifeline – Breach Prevention Lost / Stolen Drive

Security Sensors

  • Changes in user data access patterns
  • Suspicious network-based scanning activity
  • Deception based detection of network attacks
  • Machine learning – mouse / keyboard heuristics
  • Ransomware detection and roll-back
  • Changes in network topology
  • Data honeypots
  • Monitor print queue


  • Customized Hardware
  • Customized Firmware
  • Pair with Endpoints Windows Agent
  • Additional firmware protections can be uploaded to the Flexxon X-PHY® Ultra Secure Cyber SSD on a per agency basis that are not disclosed to the general public

X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD


The Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD offers a customized embedded SSD firmware, coupled with Endpoint Sensors that utilize elements of Cyber-Deception, Machine Learning, and System Activity Monitoring to detect hacking activity in real time and lock down files and folders with 2 factor authentication.

The Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD is a “light” embedded firmware implementation in the SSD to enable several of our key cybersecurity features.  The Flexxon X-PHY® Cyber Security SSD is ideal for commercial, high volume storage devices and has the following features:

Secure event stream generation and transmittal

  • Firmware level access logging
  • Secure log retrieval interface

Secure data protection

  • Firmware level data lock
  • Data protected even if OS is bypassed
  • Secure authentication interface

Secure Host / Storage pairing

  • Firmware level pairing to host software
  • Ensures host protections are not disabled

Key firmware features embedded in a Solid State Drive to supplement OS based software utilizing the firmware functions to protect data.

    • Customized Firmware
    • FLEXXON SED Hardware


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