Public Display

DisplayPublic Display is a trend that is appearing in everywhere. It’s common to see whether shopping mall, restaurant, airport, train station & boardroom, Public display brings you the information clear & easy. Data storage is a fundamental component of public display and it is used to store the company logos or marketing messages to targeted audiences in a most effective way. Since the media files are working at non-stop duty cycle, the flash-based data storage can bring higher MTBF ratings to avoid the physically failed sector or data corruption. Thus, it will save your field visit personnel fees, re-install the software & re-format the storage costs. Our Solid State Disk and industrial flash card are targeted solutions for public displays with an extremely high rate of reliability. The contents of advertisements can be saved in industrial CF or SATA SSD for standalone use.


  • Ability to instantly and securely erase all data
  • Longer duty cycles


  • Interactive Media Player
  • Digital Signage Board
  • Industrial Display

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