Flexxon is an industrial NAND flash storage & memory manufacturer with 100% focus on Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical & Automotive (CIMA) products.

Flexxon designs, manufactures and markets Industrial NAND Flash Storage Solutions products, serving specifically the CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) applications and customers worldwide, who demand the highest level of reliability, endurance and wide operating temperature ranges.

Flexxon is 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customers. We have the largest account base of Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical and Automotive (CIMA) customers in the world.

CIMA Focus

Flexxon has profound knowledge of the NAND flash market, related technology, and in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements of our CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL and AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) customers. Flexxon offers leading edge Industrial NAND Flash-based storage products with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability.


Quality and Product Reliability Assurance

Full Product qualification test , from component , system to production
Full Reliability Test , includes Mechanical Test , Environmental Test , Packaging and Printing Test.