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As NAND Flash Manufacturers, Flexxon is the leading brand to design, manufacture, and retail industrial NAND flash storage and memory devices. Our key emphasis is to provide top-notch memory solutions ensuring the highest level of data security. We have a range of versatile compact memory storage solutions to serve every sector; specifically the CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) applications.

We are 100% focused on developing products and solutions that can be customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customer base worldwide. For a reliable, competent, and enduring memory, Flexxon always delivers premium memory devices to apprehend the data security aspects.

We Built Cyber-Security Solutions with NAND Flash Technology

Flexxon is the industry leader to develop NAND flash storage devices. Our key focus is to innovate memory devices ensuring data security and reliability. The rate of data theft and cyber-attacks has risen which unfolds the importance of a strong and efficient protection solution. Due to the need of eliminating cyber-threats, as NAND Flash Manufacturers, we have improvised the firmware-based cybersecurity solution to enhance the security level.

The world’s first AI cybersecurity solution certifies as the last layer of defense against cyber threats and won the CSA Award. With the revolutionizing AI cybersecurity solution, Flexxon maintains Data Integrity, Data Confidentiality, and Cybersecurity intact.

Prioritizing CIMA Applications

Prioritizing CIMA Applications

Being the leader in Industrial NAND Flash Manufacturing Industry, we have profound knowledge about the NAND flash market and have an in-depth understanding of the related challenges as well as the requirements of our CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) applications.

To provide exceptional performance and outstanding reliability, Flexxon delivers prominent security flash memory devices ensuring the highest level of data protection.


Quality and Product Reliability Assurance

Full Product qualification test , from component , system to production
Full Reliability Test , includes Mechanical Test , Environmental Test , Packaging and Printing Test.