As a female-founded and owned company, the role of women in the workplace holds a very special place in Flexxon’s corporate culture. IWD is a chance to honour and celebrate that.

Here’s a rundown of the media stories that our co-founders Camellia Chan and May Chng lent their voices to, with a tribute to our female colleagues at the end of the post.



Understanding the “Why” behind getting more women in tech

We talk about the skills gap and the lack of talent in the cybersecurity industry, but do we actually grasp just how dire the situation is?

According to Cybersecurity Ventures1, the number of unfulfilled cybersecurity roles stood at an estimated 3.5 million positions in 2022, and is expected to persist into 2025. That’s approximately the population size of Uruguay, and more than Lithuania – to put that into perspective.

As female leaders of the industry, our co-founders have a front-row seat to the challenges women face in joining this industry. In the hopes of inspiring more to step forward and play a part in this essential industry, they sought to address the all-important “Why” when it comes to balancing gender diversity in the cybersecurity sector.

Read the full article, published in:

  1. The Cyber Express:
  2. Mecburiyet (Turkish):

Doing our part to smash stereotypes

Sharing our personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs can go a long way in inspiring others to take the path less traveled too. This IWD, Camellia took the opportunity to detail her journey in becoming the CEO of a global cybersecurity company that rewrites narratives and changes mindsets.

Read her story, published in Security Brief Asia:

Don’t go it alone

Community plays an important role in the growth of any business, and its importance cannot be understated when it comes to women entrepreneurs. As long as you keep an open mind and seize opportunities to grow your network, you will find supportive communities regardless of your background, nationality or in this case, gender.
Read what Camellia had to say in these articles published by:

  1. Silicon UK:
  2. FE News:


Saying thanks to our fabulous female colleagues

To commemorate this special day and get the team together in gratitude, we went about asking our male colleagues to share what they appreciate about the women they work with.

Here’s a video compilation of what they had to say:

While we celebrate a meaningful and eventful International Women’s Day, we believe that diversity and inclusion should be celebrated and observed every single day of the year.

We hope that this serves as a simple reminder to do so and uplift communities across every touchpoint of work and life.

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