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FxAdv Memory Card

Compatible Data Solution

To Improve Raspberry Pi Functions

Enhance Your Raspberry Pi Experience

Flexxon FxAdv microSD

Extraordinary performance with enhanced memory

Utilize the Benefits of
The Best microSD Card for Raspberry Pi Project

8GB to 256GB memory capacity
Fastest data transferability
Perfect for smaller data transfer
Excellent Speed Performance
Ideal for embedded applications​
Highly reliable and secured data storage​

The Top Features of FxAdv Memory Card

Ideal Memory Solution for the Advanced Raspberry Pi Projects

Power Management

Offers efficient power consumption along with power loss protection from firmware level . The Raspberry Pi requires a constant power connection and Flexxon ensures it.

High Performance

Delivers HighIOPS facility that is suitable for Raspberry Pi operations. This microSD card facilitates random performance with 8 times faster speed for smaller data transfer.

Faster Data Transfer

Provides excellent sequential performance that is best for faster data transfer and highly effective for utilizing in Raspberry Pi projects.

Adequate Capacity

Derives smaller memory capacity suitable for using in Raspberry Pi OS Lite image with the required data and ensures top quality product in a cost-saving manner.

Transmission Protocol

Enables microSD 6.1 for excellent random performance for applications and makes it worthy for Raspberry Pi. Even card removal during reading operation does not harm the contents.

Security Attribute

Activates to WORM Function Mode and Write Protection Mode by default when connects to the device.

Speedy Access

Facilitates sequential writing for multiple files to intensify the speed and make sure the files become irreversible.

Strength Assessment

Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the user monitors the health feature of the WORM card and measure its compatibility.

Usage Of FxAdv microSD Card

Try this memory device into Raspberry Pi for a better outcome

Installing Software

For the installation of Raspberry Pi OS with desktop, recommended software via NOOBS and Raspberry Pi OS Lite, FxAdv provides up to 256GB for the convenience of software installation.

Using in Imager

For other tools in Raspberry Pi prefers to download the image first and then write on the card. The FxAdv microSD provides the fastest speed with High IOPS and extended memory to make the task easier.

Set Up the FxAdv for Raspberry Pi Operations

Easy to set the memory card with or without having the Raspberry Pi OS

Set up your microSD card

Without having the desired OS, to reset your Raspberry Pi, install yourself by using your laptop or computer. Insert the card with the adapter into the microSD card port of your computer and install it.

Install Raspberry Pi Imager

After the installation of Raspberry Pi OS into the microSD card, install Raspberry Pi Imager that matches your operating system.

Launch for Operation

Once the software downloading is done, launch the installer according to the operating system supports your operation.

Flexxon FxAdv microSD

Technical Specification

Series FxAdv
Feature High IOPS with Power Loss Protection
Interface SD 6.1
Flash Type 3D TLC
Capacity 8GB ~ 256GB
Max Performance Read: 100 MB/s
Write: 85 MB/s

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