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Flexxon CF Card

Compact Flash Drive

A Compatible Storage Solution
For Robust Applications

Industrial Compact Flash
CF Card

The flash memory technology has come with another edition of smaller portable devices like CF Card. It is a compact storage solution for a wide variety of application devices especially for photo and video cameras. Flexxon makes it more sustainable and highly compatible with robust devices.

The CF card is a flash memory by Flexxon embedded with the PATA interface. It is highly compatible with commercial and industrial mechanisms and reliable to support multiple and rigid environments. The latest version has made it faster and efficient enough for the industries in the commercial market, high-end camera manufacturers, and so on.

Sturdy Construction With Commercial Usability

Flexxon CF Card offers wide compatibility and appropriates for the industrial applications work under a rigorous environment. It contains features like high reliability, low power management, and great sustainability to deliver effective and efficient performance.



Supports PCMCIA/IDE interface, and compatible with CompactFlash Specification Version 6.1.


Ensures the utmost reliability to
store crucial or sensitive

Power Management

Provides high-speed and minimizes
the power attribute to serve
efficient performance.


Extra storage capacity for enhanced
durability with better compatibility
with sustainability.

A Compact Storage Solution For Industrial Applications

The enhanced capacity of the Flexxon CF Card ensures the ultimate speed and high performance that is necessary for industrial applications. It is a compatibility feature to be used in high-functioning applications as a superior data storage option.

A Comprehensive Memory Solution
To Store Visual Information


The CF card can be a great addition to the business to store important visuals and photographs used for marketing purposes. Conversely, many essential financial data and graphs can also be preserved for its competence.

Law Enforcement Agencies
and Legal Firms

The law enforcement agencies and the legal firms
can have the benefits of storing confidential and
crucial surveillance footage and other information
into the CF Card. 


CF Card can be a great source of memory storage
device for the medical application to store various
critical patient information such as X-RAY, CAT
Scan, MRI, Tomography, and so on.

Government Sector

The governmental as well as the military sector
requires to have a high functioning storage device
to store various information. The CF Card is a good
one to store sensitive photography images.

Experience the superiority with the extra-ordinary
memory solution. Get the Flexxon CF Card Today
and expand your memory lane!

Industrial CF Cards

Feature High Compatibility
High Reliability
Best For Rigorous Applications
High Compatibility
High Performance
Support Power Loss Protection
High IOPS Performance
High Capacity High Reliability
Support AES Encryption
Ultra Performance
Fit For DSLR With VPG 65
Compliance CF Spec Ver. 4.1
Ultra DMA Mode 6
CF Spec Ver. 6.x
Ultra DMA Mode 7
CF Spec Ver. 6.1
Ultra DMA Mode 6
CF Spec Ver. 6.x
Ultra DMA Mode 7
Form Factor CF Card CF Card CF Card CF Card
Capacity 128MB ~ 16GB SLC: 4GB ~ 32GB
MLC: 8GB ~ 128GB
pSLC: 4GB ~ 64GB
SLC: 1GB ~ 64GB
MLC: 4GB ~ 512GB
pSLC: 8GB ~ 128GB
3D TLC: 32GB ~ 256GB
Max. Performance Read: 51 MB/s
Write: 40 MB/s
Read: 106 MB/s
Write: 80 MB/s
Read: 86 MB/s
Write: 75 MB/s
Read: 160 MB/s
Write: 135 MB/s
Grade Industrial Industrial Industrial Commercial
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